Planning Your Coulee Region Trip

Spring Creek Trout
   The Coulee Region of Southwestern Wisconsin lies in the so-called "Driftless Area", untouched by the glaciers. Limestone bluffs overlook narrow valleys. Mixed hardwoods shade the creeks in the valley bottoms, cooling the water, and slowing runoff.
   The Wisconsin D.N.R. and local sports clubs have done habitat improvement work on hundreds of miles of streams, stabilizing banks and creating permanent cover. Fish populations have increased to levels rivalling the famous western streams.
Public access is assured on these improved waters, which are an easy two hour drive from Madison, via U.S.14.
   Snow melt and rain percolate through hundred's of feet of soil, emerging as cold, clear springs, rich in dissolved Calcium Carbonate.
These streams are true limestone spring creeks, just like those found in England and Pennsylvania. The hard water promotes abundant weed growth, and supports incredible populations of aquatic insects and crustaceans: food and cover for the wild browns and brookies.
   Within a 30 mile radius of my home in Viroqua, there are 250+ miles of trout stream!

My Outdoor Office
My Outdoor Office

   "Bob's knowledge of the streams and fish is unsurpassed.
His ability to recognize and correct presentation errors is uncanny.
I spent a very enjoyable two days, and learned more about trout than I had in the previous six years of going it alone.
   ...a very valuable experience. Do yourself a favor, and book a trip with Silver Doctor Fly Fishing."
Harold H.-Chicago, IL

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  • Country Gardens-Soldiers Grove (608) 624-3254

   Rods rated for 2wt.-6wt. lines are recommended. Accurate casting is necessary, cover can be thick, so shorter rods work well,
however there are many open areas where the beginner can fish without fear of tangles.
See the HATCH CHART for patterns.
Equipment Checklist
Rod/Reel/Line Leaders (7.5'-9'4x-6x) Tippet (3x,4x,5x,6x)
Fly Box(s) Indicators Floatant
License/Stamp(s) Hemostat Clippers
Wading Staff Camera Medications
Polarized Glasses Sunscreen/Repellant Hat
Waders/Hip Boots Vest/Fanny Pack Rain Jacket

   The 2021-'22 licenses & stamps expire at midnight on March 31.
The 2022 Early Inland Trout Season will close at 12:00midnight on Friday, May 6.
   Statewide open season begins at 5:00a.m. on Saturday May 7, & runs through October 15.
Complete regulations, licenses & color-coded maps can be accessed through THIS LINK.
Fishing licenses and inland trout stamps are available at Nelson AgriCenter,and at the WalMart in Viroqua.
   A selection of local flies is available at the Driftless Angler, downtown Viroqua.

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