Wisconsin's EARLY TROUT SEASON runs from the 1st Saturday in March through the Sunday before the 1st Saturday in May. It may sound confusing, but it gives us seven to eight weeks of extra fishing time during a period when cabin fever seems to be at its worst.
   Conditions can vary from ice-in-the-guides & no fish caught, to sunny, warm, & prolific hatches of midges, BWO's, stoneflies,& caddis. A warm spell in late April can even trigger a hatch of Hendrickson mayflies.By adapting to conditions, the angler can fish nymphs on the bottom, or dries on top, & usually have a little action.
   Either way, it beats the #@!$%~@# out of sitting around watching TV or a rented video.

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Even the webmeister gets a chance to fish!


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Early season brown that couldn't resist a bunny leech